Youthink Hostel, 74 Republicii st. Cluj-Napoca
+40 743 014 630
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A fresh, hospitable hostel offering a beautiful old house surrounded by an idyllic garden that features low prices and a friendly helpful staff / promotes conscious travelling, green living and an active social interaction with the local youth community.

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A whole concept of eco-travelling.
In the summertime you can have freshly picked vegetables straight from our garden, or enjoy fruits from our trees (apples, pears, grapes, cherries, walnuts etc.); what else remains gets turned into tasty, natural jams made by ourselves that you will get at breakfast all year round.

Settled in a restored mansion, designed by a famous Hungarian architect around the year 1920, located 10 minutes walk from the old center, the space details unique handmade creations, made with love by local artists.

Sustaining local youth community, by hosting social and cultural events like street art galleries , jam sessions, yard sales , outdoor therapy & massage sessions or many other events; we promote constructive social interactions.

With a warm and cozy athmospere, pet friendly and sustainable way of thinking, Youthink is an experience of eco travelling and respect for animals and nature.

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74 Republicii st. Cluj-Napoca
Cluj, Romania
For reception please call: +40 743 014 630